Unique Furniture Design that Will Make You Drool


Several furniture designers are very avid on what they do that they invent new designs with innovation from time to time. Several furniture pieces are made very special by featuring unique designs that surprise us all the time. The following list sum up several of the most unique one today. Check this out.

  1. David Fletcher’s Capstan Table

This is maybe a dining table or a conference table, no one can tell for sure. However, this table carries simple design with chic look as well. At glance, it looks like the other round table but with strange layer on the edge. Apparently, here is where the surprise lies. The layer can be pulled to expand the round table into even a bigger one without compromising the table round shape during and after the process. If you are hosting a dinner party or a bigger meeting, you are going to need this table on the room.

  1. Danny Kuo’s Stairs Storage

This is basically a storage cabinet with drawers and shelves that are set vertically. Being so tall, it will commonly be hard for us to access the tops shelves. However, it isn’t with this storage stair. The three lowest drawers are fully functional stair so you can climb it. There are side rails on the sides of the storage to help you to climb safely. There is so much storage space in this vertical stair. This furniture piece is a legitimate answer for a small apartment or house with the need for more storage space.

  1. Natasha Harra-Frischkom Flexible Bookshelf

This furniture is piece is probably one of the most brilliant there is. Made of six wood planks, this bookshelf is totally flexible. Flexible here refers to its ability to adjust the dimension and size of stuffs or books that are stored in here. It means when you take away the books, it will transform into layers of flat wood panels with secures on either side. It allows you keep book and stuff either horizontally or vertically. It will store all shapes of stuffs as well nicely. It is light and easy to attach yet it shows us unbelievable function and value.

Those furniture pieces are totally unique. The designers really work really great in delivering the entire concepts and important aspects. Actually, the furniture above is worth for investment considering the function and look that isn’t bad at all. How do you like them?