Top 5 Incredible Wall Art Ideas


There are various ways to make a little, yet inspiring change in your office or home. By changing the wall art, you can have a new and refreshing look. If you have wrecked your brain to get some inspirations but to no avail, don’t be desperate! Look at the ideas below and see which one works best for your office!

Graphics Frog Tape Wall

This is one of the simplest and easiest wall art that you can find on the internet. Nevertheless, the result is stunning. Your office will look modern and unique because of the triangles pattern. Just prepare some frog tape and paint, then you are ready to decorate your wall.

Stick the tape on the wall according to your taste. Next, paint the wall. You may add some accent colors. Then, peel the tape off. Finally, ta-da!

Fun Ceiling Stripes

Not only do the stripes appear stunning on the wall, but they also look amazing on the ceiling. You may adopt the concept of this nursery to your office, especially if you want your office looks modern and fun. The brown and metallic colors make it look professional. Choosing the unconventional move by continuing the stripes on the ceiling will make your staff and customers marvel at your unique office.

DIY Painted Wood Wall Art

The price of the painted wood wall art anywhere can range from $600 up to $1100. Yet, if you have some patience and determination to create it on your own, you only need to spend about $150. Just arrange about 100 wood pieces that have been painted on two boards and you will have an extraordinary wood wall art which will bewitch your guest.

Paint Swatch Décor

It’s almost the same with the previous idea, but you can use various colored papers on some boards. This decoration will make your office look more fun and colorful. It is also better if you create this décor by yourself instead of spending much money for buying them. Besides, you can choose the layout and color you like by creating them yourself.

Painted Wall Art

This wall art can also be created by any novice artisan. You just need to paint some colors. Then, after it’s completely dry, put some tapes on the surface. Paint it white and peel the tape off after the white layer has dried. Tada!

Creating great wall art and bringing a new atmosphere to your office is actually very easy. You may choose to buy the décor, but if you have some time and patience, why don’t you do it yourself? Besides saving much money, creating them by yourself giving you unlimited possibilities!