Three Unbelievable Before and After Bathroom Makeovers


Bathroom should be a perfect place for you to relax and to chill. The design of it should really be tailored to your need. But do you think that your bathroom is out of date? Do you plan to do some makeovers to your bathroom? Get inspired from the following examples of bathroom makeovers.

  • Gray for the Final Look

This bathroom was used to be equipped with an out-of-date toilet and vanity and with heavy sponge-painted walls. This kind of look of a bathroom made it a perfect candidate for an ultimate makeover.

The bathroom makeover relies a lot in gray. In doing the makeover, the designer didn’t change the bathroom layout. What changed are the floor, the wall, the vanity, and the sink. For the floor, the owner chose to use Moroccan cement floor ties. For the vanity, the homeowner replace the out the date one with a classic Kohler pedestal sink.

  • From Boring to Rustic

Do you think your bathroom more or lose like the one in the picture (i.e. blank and boring)? The space provided there was not really well occupied. That bathroom is actually from a cozy cottage. So, a big makeover should be carried out to make it cozy.

The idea of the makeover uses rustic theme. The first change that’s easy to notice is the rustic accent wall made of two-inch-thick wooden slices which then were nailed and glued to a plywood backing. The mosaic mimics there is another gorgeous point of the wall that adds warmth and contrasts to the rest of the white walls.

  • From Lackluster to Contemporary One

The bathroom in the first picture below is really a mess. There are broken tile and a claustrophobic shower that make this room is way too far from a relaxing place. There isn’t even storage or a counter space to store your shower stuff and bathroom accessories. It is really an unorganized bathroom!

Now, with simple tricks and some artistic touch, this petite bathroom is ready to be a room where every family member can enjoy. Smart storage was added there in a form of recessed shelves to the left of the vanity. The vanity also has two drawers to store your towels or other bathroom accessories. It is now beautifully organized!

No matter what kind of out-of-date bathroom you have right now and how tiny your bathroom you may think, there are always ideas on how to makeover it to be more appealing. From choosing the right colors or changing the materials decorating the walls, you are already able to make a significant change to your bathroom.