Three Ideas on Twisted Design that Appears Almost Sculptural


As furniture design’s grown speedily this century, many designers keep challenging themselves to explore more ideas to create something new, unique, but still functional. One of the most unique innovations is the use of twisted form. It is indeed complicated to make but the end result is what is intriguing. Find out some ideas on twisted design below!

  • Torque Desk

A traditionally formal product is now involving a twisting design. It has been transmuted into a dynamic spatial object carrying a tension with the walls of the rooms or the space it “invades”.

The pressures of this desk are tensile, meaning that it needs constructing with ductile and malleable material. Despite of the specific material needed, the desk construction also requires the involvement of talented handcraftsmanship and engineering. Why so? It is because all of the desk’s metal components are both functional and structural.

The desk has a flat plane that functions which is foldable. It functions as a support for the desk at one end and also as a place to rest the drawers at the other end.

  • Parallex Coffee Table

Another twisting design comes from a London based designer named Sandro Lopez with his Parallex coffee table. This coffee table will surely challenge its viewers to be able to explore the table from many different viewpoints. Besides, the viewers seem to be triggered to examine the table deeply from various lighting directions as well as from different furniture manufacturer format. This coffee table is surely what it is called to be where creativity meets commercial ambition.

  • The Mystica Desk

The next twisting design comes in a form of a working desk for a beautiful workspace with a hint of edginess. The Mystica Desk is actually constructed in a big size. However, don’t be surprised to know that there is no a single storage space or even a drawer within. But, worry not! Occupying this desk doesn’t mean you will have indecent working table.

Look at the amount of real estate that the desk offers on top of it! You will be able to store any necessary stuff you need for your work. Moreover, the design of the table which is ‘L’ design enables you to occupy the table both by yourself and by your team members.

Who knows that twisted design can transform a classic and standard working and coffee tables into something intriguing? The twisted design really challenges the creativity and skills of many designers. But once a designer nails it, the result will be jaw-dropping. So, which one is the fascinating twisted table for you?