Three Cozy Home Library Interior Ideas


Designing home isn’t merely about living rooms and bedrooms. The newest trend about modern house says that designing home library is as important as designing other rooms. Not only does house library symbolize your aptitude, it also functions as a place for your beloved book collection. Make most of the space in your home for home library with these following ideas.

  • Eco-Friendly Library

As depicted in the picture, this home library, designed by Timothy Corrigan, seems to be sumptuous. However, this home library comes with an offer of saving-the-environment commitment by using the eco-kind and sustainable materials from the ground up. Further, the designer also used the reclaimed lumber to decorate the panel of the library and to construct the fireplace mantel.

Next, the designer chose a red roll arm chair along with a 19th-century side table functioning as a relaxing place and a reading spot. Choosing antiques is an ultimate green product as no one will need new resources to make them.

  • Beautiful Blue Library for A Beautiful You

The spot of the home library in the picture was used to be a boring, unused and empty corner. The owner of the home then felt that they shall not neglect the beautiful spot and they came with an idea of making a beautiful blue library.

The corner then turned out to be a gorgeous storage space where the owner can display their book collection. What they needed was the bookshelves attached to the wall and painted in a beautiful blue color, a round table and some chairs as a comfy place to chill and to enjoy books.

  • Ornate Mantel

Here we go with our last recommended idea of designing your home library. It is called Ornate Mantel home library. It is a great idea for your home library especially when you only have limited space to occupy in your home.

Look at how Parker embellished that tiny spot! He constructed a Victorian fireplace functioning as the building block. Then, he beautified the small spot with a separated Kravet silk curtain, exactly next to the shelves. He also covered the walls with a Thibaut paper. One more thing for the wall, he embellished the wall with geometric wallpaper from Cole & Son.

Making most of any unused spot in your home to be a home library would create a special additional ambience to your home. While the home library can function as a place to read and to display books, it can also contribute special beauty to your home décor.