The 4 Best Kitchen Islands


A kitchen’s as essential as any other room in a house as it’s a place for the homeowners to gather. The style of your kitchen may be transitional, contemporary, rustic, or other design styles. No matter what style your kitchen uses, the most important thing in setting up a kitchen is about the island. Look at the four ideas below about how to set the islands well.

  • Rustic Kitchen Island

A rustic kitchen island is a great choice for you who favor depth and texture in the design. This kind of kitchen island surely offers you with a dramatic contrast to the modern kitchen’s sleekness. To match your rustic kitchen island, mind the texture of the kitchen furniture such as splash backs, kitchen doors, and the benchtops. While being fully functional, your kitchen island is a perfect focal point.

  • Kitchen Island with More Counter Space

Keep your kitchen design simple and chic. Using this kind of island as depicted in the picture enables you to increase the number of counter space in your kitchen. The more the counter space you have in the kitchen, the more the benefits you can gain such as more rooms for multiple chefs and for meal preparation, and the kitchen that can functions as an eating area. To create such design, make sure you make a contrast between the material and or color of the island and the ones of the rest of the room.

  • Kitchen Island with More Seating Place

Installing low-profile seating to the island of the kitchen is such a great choice because it turns the environment to be more social for both the cook and the guests and it increases the kitchen’s capability to serve many purposes. Just leave the counter overhang to create more rooms to tuck stools or the chairs.

  • A Multilevel Kitchen Design

Make your kitchen island more dynamic by varying the kitchen island’s height. Varying the height of the island can enable you to use the island for various purposes such as food preparation and eating. The variation also enables you to make most of the functionality and also to make you feel like being in two different places.

Choosing the best kitchen island can be tricky. To avoid that, based on the references above, knowing what function you want your kitchen to perform first seems to be mandatory before deciding the right kitchen island design.