Lamp Water Drop and Why You’ll Love It


This lamp has been a popular item with many wholesalers is offering it to customers now. The water drop design alone is already unique, and there are more reasons why you’ll love this lamp alternative. Let’s break down the lamp to is best features we can notice.

  • Perfect Sizing

This lamp is created with perfect dimension and measurement on all of its part. The cord hangs 120 cm, making it a perfect pendant light for a big and high ceiling room. The lamp alone is 35 cm height and 30 cm width, which is a perfect dimension for a living room or a hallway. This sizing is actually the ideal measurement for the main lighting while it is also welcomed for the decorative lights as well.

  • Ergonomic Material

While many pendant lights are made of steel, glass, or other common materials, this water drop lamp is made of bamboo plywood. This is a popular material for rustic interior and décor and it makes the best part of the lamp. Without any additional finish for the wood, this lamp looks naturally gorgeous. It displays the wood texture and pattern while it serves you the best rustic look ever for a house light.

  • Flexibility for Light Bulb

This water drop lamp offers flexibility for you to choose the light bulb. The cord is easy to access so it should be simple to change the light bulb. For more vibrant finish and energy saving alternative, you can plug your LED light bulb on this lamp with ease. Considering the space inside the lamp, you can even attach big and fat bulb in it while small bulb will be a fit as well.

  • Dramatic Design Structure

The design features dramatic structure. It looks like a water drop from the front, while the side of the lamp shows you how it has gap everywhere. These gaps let the light out, creating dramatic illumination in your room. The wooden bars are positioned that way so it is effective while stunning at the same time. To be frank, this structure is simple to make in a DIY project.

There are very good reasons why this lamp gets to be popular today. It has all the aesthetic and ergonomic reasons to be loved. Meanwhile, it is a possible DIY project as well. If one of your rooms needs lighting, this pendant light is a great option to consider.