Kitchens That Have Perfected Minimalism


Minimalist kitchen is still the most popular today. It offers clean design with less complication but rich accent and texture on the furniture. It simple and modern and it is possible for all sizes of room. Among the designs, there are several kitchens which minimalism is made even more perfect due to the details and layout. Want to see them? Check this out.

  • Navy and White Kitchen

This kitchen is totally drool worthy with the details. It is small, with only two parts of the kitchen are filling the room. The cooking area is pushed back against the wall and is completed with well designed kitchen cabinet. On the other side, there is a simple kitchen island that also serves as breakfast counter with stools on it.

The wall and countertop is finished in white while the countertop seems to get marble white. The rest of the surface is finished in naval blue expect for the smaller cabinets over the sink. The color palette is perfect while the contemporary design is really awesome.

  • Blue-Gray and White Kitchen

This is a combination of modern style with homey feeling on the inside. While the kitchen wall and ceiling are on plain white, it is completed with blue-gray kitchen cabinet with simple layout. While providing enough space in the kitchen, the unique color of the cabinet is the key to its homey atmosphere.

The cabinet is then topped with sandy colored concrete, giving it warm feeling in combination. This kitchen is also dynamic due to the pattern flooring that adds the drama. The rest of the kitchen is well designed with its monochrome basics and clean setting in every of its corner.

  • Monochromatic Palette Kitchen

This kitchen is on open layout for more room and modern feeling to its detail. The countertop and backsplash feature white marble, which adds its class and sophistication. The kitchen cabinet is on super clean and modern design, finished in matte black for contrastive detail in the room. So far, these details alone are already awesome.

The kitchen is then a timeless interior piece as it is completed with basics. The basics aren’t just stuffs needed in the kitchen but they are displayed as décor as well. Selected for its monochromatic palette, they create dramatic as well as timeless classic touch in the kitchen. It is a smart combination of class and modern feeling to the touch.

Minimalist design always feels right for a kitchen. It answers the need for more space, simplicity, and modern lifestyle. These kitchens above are even beyond the standard expectation. If you plan to upgrade your kitchen, this is your best inspiration.