Kitchen Layout Guide

Lay outing kitchen to create the best visual impact and to make most of the narrow space is somewhat complicated. A homeowner really needs to consider many things not to make their kitchen look aesthetically pleasing. If you also find it complicated to create the best kitchen layout, look at the guide below for some references.

  • U-Shaped Kitchen

This kind of kitchen layout is ideal for two cooks only. To create the layout, there are some notes that need taking into consideration. The floor of the U-shaped kitchen should be at least 8 x 8 feet. The position of the sink should be either near or opposite the cooking area. Next, in designing the layout, don’t forget to mark areas for cooking, meal prep, and also clean-up. To avoid the boxed-in look, make sure you use accents or décor. Last but not least, keep the paths of the kitchen obstacle-free.

  • L-Shaped Kitchen

The next kitchen layout is L-shaped one that suits a studio apartment best. To construct this L-shaped kitchen, make sure that you keep kitchen triangle intact. Regarding the furniture, install overhead cabinets and free up counter space. As there will surely be dark corners in this kind of kitchen layout, you should not forget to lighten the spot up. The longer area of the layout should be chosen as the meal preparation map. And the last is, avoid décor in this kind of layout as it will make your kitchen area cramped.

  • Island Floor Plan

This kitchen layout can help you to divide your large kitchen into smaller but efficient working areas. To execute this island, you need to provide enough space for movement. Besides, match the island with the rest of the room’s design and plan the island according to its main function. Still about the island, install pendant lights above it. The island can be a good spot for social space.

  • G-Shaped Kitchen

This kind of kitchen layout is the best choice to make a breakfast corner. In the kitchen, you need to maximize the storage while keeping on grouping tall appliances together. Also, you need to separate the areas for clean-up, cooking, and meal preparation. One more note to this layout, don’t break the kitchen triangle.

Before deciding which kitchen layouts to use, you better make sure what you want your kitchen to be – breakfast corner, socializing area, or others and what kind of house you have – large house or studio apartment. By doing so, you’ll be more likely to choose the best kitchen layout that suits your need.