Interior Design Ideas to Spice Up Your Space


Developing your interior look is always a good idea to deliver better look and mood in the house. There are actually more than enough ideas for this, but you may not know where to start. Let’s start with each room and starts with something we already have in it. The following ideas uses the already owned features and add simple things to make it even better. Check this out.

  • Flowers Parcel for the Kitchen

Instead of adding too many details in the kitchen, you should consider adding the essentials and keep the counter top clear for cooking. The essentials can be great interior details as well. Use your printed bowl to contain the fresh fruits you have so you can grab it anytime. Prepare several bottles of water, sparkling water or beer near to the fruits, and let’s add a vase of pink peonies to sweeten the atmosphere.

  • Breakfast Nook with Fireplace

If you have a vacant corner, this addition will be pleasing. Create a fireplace at one of the walls and frame it with stones for more idyllic look. At the other wall, make a wall attached seat for one side of the breakfast table, and add chairs for the other side. Choose a dining table with wooden surface that goes consistent with the floor. Some throw pillows will make the space even more inviting and let’s not forget the area rug.

  • Living Room with Chandelier

Chandelier is probably appropriate for the living room as well. This living room is in modern style, featuring blue sofas and modern wooden coffee table at the center. The area rug covers the whole sitting area that is facing the outside, viewing the garden. The addition of the spider looking chandelier somehow makes a perfect match for this modern space. It completes the décor while the placement is in balance for the entire room proportion.

  • Rustic Wine Cabinet Over the Countertop

This is going to be a great addition in one of your living room vacant walls. The cabinet is an essential part in which you can store all the things you need in serving wine, from glasses to platters and napkins. Over the elegant countertop, hang your rustic wine cabinet to display your stock. With a little display of grapes and cheese with several bottles of your favorite wines, this corner will steal attention.

Those ideas are simply brilliant. They actually add functions and look at the same time, upgrading your space into a more valuable one. If you are ready to make some changes, those ideas above will be more than helpful.