Interior Design Advice: Do’s and Don’ts Every Beginner Should Know


Wherever you live and what kind of house you live in, you always need to have great interior design to make the place you dwell in lovely and comfy. But skill mastery on making a drop dead gorgeous interior design cannot be achieved in lightning flashes. However, there are simple do’s and don’ts you can use as your guidance.

  • Don’t Push All of Your Furniture against The Walls

Arranging furniture in a room is somewhat like playing a Tetris game. You need precision to make the furniture suit each other well. A breathing space for your furniture should not be ignored so that you can create an interesting zone in your home.

Making the breathing space for your furniture is sometimes just placing some furniture a few centimeters away from the walls. Make the furniture “float” to accommodate the need of group conversation in a living room, for example.

  • Don’t Pick the Paint Color First

Choosing the color of the paint to splash on the walls must be the last thing you do. Remember that you have plethora of color choices to choose from. On the contrary, deciding what furniture pieces to place in a particular room along with the decorative items should be done first.

Once it is done, the color of the paint can be chosen based on that furniture. It will need much effort from you to find perfect fit accessories for your room if you already pick certain colors to paint the wall. So, do it vice versa instead.

  • Have a Small Place Only? Do Choose Dramatic Color!

Worry not if you only have small spaces to décor! You can rely on dramatic colors to ease your work. Although dramatic colors are said to change the vibe of a room to be dark or heavy, it can turn out to be different for your hallway or pantry.

The truth is choosing dramatic hues for the small spots in your home can make the rest of the house bigger and colorful. What the dramatic hues do is making that narrow area a striking spot that can grab someone’s attention right away. Dare to try it?

The first three do’s and don’ts on interior design lie a lot on how someone should choose colors to splash on their house’s walls and how to do furniture placement. From the basic advices above, you can start to build up your interior design skill. Good luck for your trial!