Globe Furniture by Peteright Bul Opsvik


You may not know this name yet, but Peteright Bul Opsvik is a furniture designer with brilliant ideas to blow your mind. Recently, one of his collections was re-launched by Moment AB, and it receives good welcoming cheers despite the fact that it was designed 29 years ago. The entire design speaks more about flexibility and non-traditional comfort. These two pieces show the same thing.

  • Globe Garden Chair

This chair has been designed since 1985 and it has renewed details for the Moment AB. The Norwegian designer makes this chair 1.7 meter high as it is intended for public space seating with proper height to stand out. The entire design looks like a group of globe with branches coming down as support for the chair.

The seat is round while the height of each brand can be different and the bending can be different too. It creates comfortable seat and support for the back too, making it a cozy option for seating. Soft fabric covers the entire globes, and it makes a more valuable finish for the furniture.

This chair offers multiple seating positions as Opsvik believes on other point of view of how we should seat. It looks unusual yet standing out among other furniture. It isn’t hard to climb this chair as it isn’t hard to love the entire concept as well.

  • Globe Tree

This is the next piece on this series. Similar to the previous one, this one also features round seat and back support. The entire designed is inspired to today’s working activity. As we rarely stay on our permanent working station, this one looks more appropriate. It suggests that other user can immediately use it when we are done using it.

This is a customized furniture piece for laptop, tablet PC, or other mobile working devices users. While the tree offers two tables at the same time, we can actually work on one surface and put documents or coffee cup on the other.

Similar to the previous piece, this tree offers several seating positions without compromising your productivity. While it looks great and fully functional for single user, a set of this tree is totally suitable for a little meeting too. Meanwhile, this tree offers beyond function. It also offers style and flexibility on hand.

We must admit that Opsvik has the most unusual idea but it works out well. Both offers great function while they have style and efficiency as well. They are totally worth the investment.