Glass Rivers and Lakes Flow Across Beautiful Tables – A Masterpiece from Greg Klassen


How do you want the tables at your house? Is it like that furniture sold at every corner of your city? The truth is finding really unique furniture is a big deal. But, don’t worry! The talented furniture maker Greg Klassen has something special in store. It is Glass Rivers and Lakes flowing across beautiful tables. What does it look like? Check this out!

How Klassen Did It

Klassen is a super talented furniture designer. He is an artist of a one man show, meaning that he is the one who sources, designs, and constructs all of his masterpieces from the very first step to finish. Among all of his artworks, the most well incredible one is the River Collection. This glass table, featuring rivers and lakes, is perfect combo of furniture and art.

In making the table, Klassen uses some pieces of raw wood. Using these materials enables him to ‘exploit’ the natural forms of the wood as well as the beautiful imperfection that is going to beautify his artwork later.  Using these organic forms is so powerful that the table can display the natural power of the rivers and lakes. Complemented with custom-cut panes of glass, the table really depicts a topographical map.

The Variations of the Table

In addition to the use of organic forms, Klassen also involves many different textures and bases, enabling him to make the table in wide variety of styles.

  • The Round Glass Table

The replication of the flowing water crafted with amazing texture really depicts a topographical map. Although, the layer of the glass is crafted right in the middle of the table, this furniture piece still remains 100% functional.

  • The Rectangular Glass Table

Another variation of the glass table is here, the rectangular glass table with two square table legs. Natural scenes really excite and inspire Klassen to keep on making innovation. Again, the cut layer of glass covering the river still lets the table to perform its function completely. This table is both pretty and useful!

  • A Table with Raw Woods Form

Klassen really fancies his adventure in the local sawmill that enables him to handpick raw woods for his artwork. He often makes use of the random shape of the wood although he still needs to do some detailing processes.

Klassen seems to be a perfect example of a designer who really loves his work. He is so dedicated to keeping on producing high quality works. His quality works are really shown both in the design and also in the function.