Four Rustic Interior Design Ideas


Rustic design is always about wood domination. The floor, walls, ceiling, furniture, and other stuff about a room are mostly made from wood. This rustic design has been appreciated by many designers and homeowners as it is easy to be combined with the modern minimalist style. Don’t you want to have a rustic home too? See some ideas below to build yours artistically!

  • A Rustic Bed Room

One of the things you can use to make a rustic room is to choose the materials of the head of your bed. Like shown in the picture, the head of the bed is made of bricks. The bricks give a look of old there. Then, there is a stool next to the bed which is made of skin. Moving on to the sleeping pieces, colors with ethnic motives were chose for the pillows. One more thing contributing a lot to the rustic look is indeed the wooden beams on the ceiling.

  • A Design where Modern meets Rustic

You can always combine modern style with rustic style as long as you always highlight the minimalism of the modern. Nowadays, more and more homeowners, especially the young ones, prefer this kind of furnishing for their home. One of the examples on how to blend the modern and the rustic is like depicted in the picture. There is an old wooden birdcage that’s used as a chandelier. What makes it interesting it this stuff is used in a modern apartment.

  • A Brick Wall to Rule Them All

Have you ever imagined how brick wall can nail a rustic design? Take a look at the room in the picture! The wall was beautifully and artistically constructed with bricks with a touch of subtle white paint. What is more from this rustic room is the bed. It is from pallets. Do you know this kind of bed is increasingly used in many modern home decorations? Go give it a try!

  • A Fireplace worth Taking A Place

Fireplace is such an essential piece in a room that can warm up your sol. It’s usually built with raw stones. But look at the fireplace here! It’s presented in a combination of minimalist modern style with less details and the rustic touch. Everything in this spot has functions – only those two vases are the decorative pieces.

Nowadays, rustic seems to be a go-to ideas whenever someone is looking for a special design for their home. Fortunately, constructing a rustic house and or a room sometimes can only be about choosing simple materials or pieces. Give it a shot!