Four Ideas on Unusual Floral Display Above A Table

Creating the best design for a room isn’t merely about picking the best hues or about choosing functional furniture. If you think you’ve dedicated a lot of times to those things, you may need to swift your décor focus a little bit on a floral display above your table. Don’t forget that decorative pieces also matter. Check out the ideas on how to do it below!

  • Geometric Floral Pendants

Beautify your dinner spot with thing geometric floral pendants. This floral arrangement will suit best the dinner table placed in any backyard. The hanging floral pendants even perform their job on creating romantic look well when the sun is going down. What is even better from the pendants is it is super easy to make your own. You also need a short time only to make one.

  • Converted Colander Planter

Add a flowery touch above your dinner table with this converted colander planter. Here is how to make it: using a half-yard of twine, wrap one colander’s handle tightly. After that, tie off and add some glue to secure it. Then, at each end of the colander’s handle, knot a yard of twine. Do the same steps to the other handle of each colander. Next, fill the colander with potting soil and plants of your choice. Finally, tie the twine together, and hang it.

  • Leafy Chandelier

Are you more into greeny look around your dinner table? We’ve got you a superb idea! Grab any chandelier and then cover it with camellia foliage and eucalyptus. Arrange it in such a way so it can be a leafy floral chandelier. After that, suspend it above the tabletop. Although it is leafy, it will not overwhelm something beneath it. It complements them instead.

  • Colorful Chandelier

Here comes another idea about floral display using chandelier. It is a colorful chandelier covered with bunches of colorful flowers. You can actually fill the chandelier with the flowers of your choice, but here is our recommendation: purple dahlias, orange roses, and assorted daises to make the vibe more vibrant. Once finished, hang it above the table top. The colorful chandelier will surely get along well with the shiny tiny bulbs above there.

You can always rely on hanging floral arrangement to add an artistic and beautiful touch to your dining spot. Besides, you can always trust chandelier of fresh florals that are surely able to transform your space along with the atmosphere in it.