Four Ideas on A Rustic and Modern Bathroom

After long working hours added by long haul from the office to your home, you surely need a time to relax your body and mind. Then you head to your bathroom. Imagine if your bathroom cannot accommodate what your tired body needs! Look at the following ideas on how to make a rustic and modern bathroom for your everyday chilling time.

Go with Gray

The first idea on how to make a rustic and modern bathroom is to choose gray color to be a dominant color in your bathroom. Choose a soft hue for walls and cabinets in your bathroom. Look at the Georgia sporting cabin in the picture to see how the color choosing is done. This will create a cohesive look to your bathroom. Then, you can add “z-back” detailing and wood counter to give charming touch more to your bathroom.

Why don’t Use the Repurposed Items?

You can always rely on the repurposed items to do beautification job to your home. One of the examples of repurposed items that you can use for your rustic and modern bathroom is a trough from a local feed store. You can reuse it as a shower. Besides, you can also reuse it as a metal sink compliment. This décor idea is simply about making most of the function of the things around you. You can surely use other repurposed items for your bathroom. Just make sure they suit the other bathroom furniture.

Back to Natural Materials

To make a modern and rustic bathroom as shown in the picture, you need to collect some stuff as follow: a countertop from soapstone, walls that are paneled with wood, sink which is made from the antique, and a large round mirror hanged with chains from the roof. All those supplies will get along together to create a less refined feel and look to your lovely bathroom.

Let Upcycled Pieces Do the Job

A bathroom as shown in the picture is a true definition of a dream house. To make this kind of bathroom, you need wood blocks on which that claw-foot tub sits. Besides, you also need an old work bench, a new vessel sink, and a salvaged doorknob to replace the plan old one. Those things will contribute a lot to the vanity of your modern and rustic bathroom.

Beautifying your bathroom to be rustic and modern is as simple as choosing the best color and the best materials for the furniture. You don’t need to spend long hours to construct your bathroom. Simply choose gray or use any items available to be repurposed.