Dreamy Loft Apartments That You Should Consider Investing on


With comfort and lifestyle become more and more important factors when it comes to interior designing, several loft apartments are finished with more than what we used to know before. It comes with style, functions, and personalized details on it, creating the most homey and inviting space. Check out the following apartments for ideas and inspirations.

  1. Wooden Loft with Modern Rustic Finish

This loft apartment incorporates tall ceiling space with wooden floor for warmer yet airy room. Most of the wall is finished in white, grey, and the combination of both. The floor is mainly wooden expect for a space covered with octagon printed area rugs at the landing of the stair. As for the furniture pieces, all are on minimalist design with consistent finish, black, white, or grey. The vintage lights hang down from the ceiling, emphasizing the rustic touch on this modern space. It looks spacious while homey at the same time. It is a perfect loft for the young.

  1. Artistic Rustic Loft

This space is amazing as it is. It has one part of the walls that portrays unfinished style on it. It shows off almost naked bricks, giving the room a natural rustic feeling effortlessly. It only goes really well with the rest of the other walls that are painted in pale white. The entire floor including the stair steps are wooden, giving it a warm touch and look at the same time. The bed is the centerpiece with only attached photos as the headboard, which is fun and artistic actually. There is an area rug in unique animal skin like look. Some arts on the corner and the hanging light make this space a personal display.

  1. Industrial Looking Apartment

The ceiling is finished in industrial look which is in trend today. The wooden floor feature pale color which still delivers warmth at the space. The long space gets enough light from the giant windows along the wall while the room is divided into two sections. The living room features modern furniture pieces, while the dining room carries consistent look with a little rustic touch from the rattan dining chairs. The hanging vintage bulbs are the best addition to this space, creating modern and vintage looks in a harmonious combination.

These loft apartments are changed from basic to a space with personality and style. If you take a look closely, it doesn’t take too much to create that look. Care to renovate and use those ideas as inspirations?