Concrete Table with Wood Combination to Blow Your Mind


The trend on furniture has been expanded to any combination of even two most contrastive materials we can find. The latest trend is on the combination of concrete and wood, and surprisingly, this combination is magic! More than just modern, those furniture pieces are art works. Check out the following items and find yourself amazed on the finish.

  • ⅔ Concrete and ⅓ Wood Dining Table

Take a look at this dining table and see how awesome it looks. While almost most of it is made of concrete, the final addition of wood on the rest of the table is a brilliant idea. It balances the tough and cold impression on concrete, making it softer but still modern with the wood combination. It simply matches and fits well with the minimalist design.

  • Concrete Table with Wood Center

This is another charming dining table you shouldn’t miss. While the concrete offers sturdy and tough platform for the entire table, the wooden combination in the middle adds earthy touch on it. The table looks homey and stylish at the same time, while its ergonomic design can’t fail with any types of chairs. The combination looks luxurious, young, and modern, promising functional furniture with aesthetic value.

  • Concrete Coffee Table with Wooden Block

This coffee table is unlike any other coffee tables we often find. While both feet are made out of concrete, the table surface alone is a creative work. Instead of using fine finished wood, the designer assembles a few wooden blocks over the feet. It makes an amusing variation after the simple feet design. Of course, it is then well finished for safety and comfort but the raw and rustic look is totally priceless.

  • Dining Table with Natural Wood Shape Accent

This one is a particular work of art. While the other prefers to add clean shaped wood, this dining table features what seems to be wood on its natural cut, exposing the natural texture, patterns, and shapes. There is no consistency on it but the natural feeling itself. This dining table is definitely an ideal symbol of harmonious mixture between to contrastive materials in the most posh way.

These concrete tables offer you more than just best function and life span, but also aesthetic value to bargain. The combination of wood and concrete is totally surprising every time yet it works miraculously, defining an excellent piece of furniture. This is more than just function. It is a fine décor.