Brilliant Space Saving Ideas You Must Adopt


Especially for a small space, saving some space is always wise. It allows us to move around without a hustle, and things tend to look neater and better. Meanwhile, your needs on stuffs will only grow. If you need suggestion to solve this situation, you need to check out these space saving ideas.

  • Coffee Table with Additional Seating

This coffee table is a smart answer for a small space. The seats actually answer your need for additional seats for more people when you invite friends or family. The seats are available on easy access and they are stored easily to. When stored, these seats are totally out of the way, giving you your free space.

  • Closet Office

If you don’t have a room for home office, this is you ideal option. It allows you to use any spare space in the house without using too much. This can be a fully functional office you can use. When you don’t use it, it will be hidden behind your closet door neatly, without anyone to see your mess or knowing what you are doing.

  • Fold Table with Storage

This idea is actually brilliant. When not in use, this table looks like merely a small cabinet for small stuffs like home medicine. When unfold, it transforms into a table you can use to write or dine. With shelves in the cabinet, you can store things too, from office supplies to medicine and silverware.

  • Wall Planted Shelves

This kitchen shelves uses the only available space in the small kitchen. Completed with shelves and shifting doors, you can access the microwave oven and the supplies easily. You don’t need more cabinet over your head, and lose some more of your space. For a small kitchen, solution like this keeps the space neat and tidy too.

  • Stair Step Drawers

Stair step is often forgotten as an available space in the house. If you build it the right way with good materials, it wouldn’t compromise the stair safety. With multiple steps of the stairs, you also have multiple drawers to keep some more stuffs, from old magazines and shoes to extra blankets and linens.

Those idea uses space that are actually already available but aren’t in use right now. If you have small apartment or house, you should consider using at least one of those ideas to keep your place spacious and homey. Which one do you want to try first?