Awesome Craftsman Kitchen Design Ideas


Among many welcoming ideas for a kitchen, the craftsman design is often considered as the most comfortable and homey to have in a house. It offers high defined woodworking and stone details, yes, but the homey and warm look it offers are what make it even more popular. If you plan on getting the same kitchen in the house, you may need to look at the following stunning designs.

  1. Black and White Layout

This kitchen features basic color palette, black and white. The excellent craftsman is pictured on the kitchen counter cabinets. The doors look framed but the design stays simple and timeless. The countertop gets matte black concrete, completing the kitchen with a modern touch. The hardwood flooring only emphasizes its inviting atmosphere while the owner adds small plants on the countertop for freshness and décor. Nothing is to complain on its look and layout.

  1. Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

This kitchen has more color on its combination. The awesome craftsmanship is expressed by the kitchen cabinet that is finished in royal black with silver knobs for the cabinet doors. The over the counter cabinet is even enriched with glass work, making it a perfect display for the kitchen. Over the cooking area, a single wooden shelf is added for more décor in the room, making it a bold statement on the farmhouse style. The vintage lanterns and an old small painting go really well with the theme.

  1. Naked Wood Detail

Look at this kitchen. The details are pretty basic. The entire cabinet is finished in wood veneer, exposing the fine wood working and clean stone addition for the countertop. While we have several sizes of cabinet, the set is also enriched with drawers and wine rack, which adds the sophistication.

  1. Mint Blue for Chic Design

This kitchen also features fine and unique craftsman on its kitchen counter. It is finished in mint blue paint work, which is also a picture of modern vision on the design. The countertop features white finished marble with a little marble detail right on the cooking area, making a perfect space for breakfast counter. This cool color combination is put to balance by the wooden flooring. This kitchen is flawless to its tiniest details.

It is always a pleasure to have excellent craftsmanship in the kitchen as it has those cabinets and shelves to explore. It shows sophistication and a full display of a work of art. If you like a kitchen like this, pay attention to the wooden details as pictured in the examples above.