Amazing and Stylish Kitchens with Concrete Countertops


The idea of using concrete countertop for the kitchen is actually brilliant. Naturally, concrete is highly durable, and easy to clean. While it offers long life span, concrete also gives us sleek and modern look. However, being possible for DIY project material, even elegant and classic look is possible with this material. Check out these kitchen designs that feature concrete countertop in different styles.

  • Concrete for Vintage Looking Kitchen

This kitchen features rustic and old looking cabinet on the background and other vintage details in the room. The concrete countertop simply makes a wonderful addition by infusing darker shade that ties everything together. Now the vintage kitchen doesn’t only look rustic but edgy at the same time. This is an awesome work we can imitate.

  • Grey Concrete on a Bright Kitchen

This kitchen has subway tiles on the background and bright yellow paint on the kitchen cabinets. If we have anything to say about this kitchen is that it is bright while it passes chic feeling as well. The addition of concrete countertop only put the style in balance, making it more universal and modern. The grey color is a flattering shade for the bright combination, making it more pleasant to look.

  • Concrete Countertop for Industrial Looking Kitchen

This kitchen is designed for clean and simple look with details suggesting industrial style delivered as well. The concrete countertop is finished in ashes grey, which makes a perfect pair for the dominant white shade in the kitchen. It provides clean and simple look which contributes best for an industrial looking kitchen.

  • Honey Finished Concrete for Bold Elegant Kitchen

The concrete countertop is finished in modern and contemporary design with honey color to balance the hot brown kitchen cabinets. It creates clean and modern kitchen with balance color combination. The silver faucet and cabinet puller only add pleasing details on the concrete, creating a masterpiece in a form of a room.

  • Grey Concrete for Style Bridging

Take a look at this rustic kitchen. From the flower to the ceiling, this kitchen only suggests that it is a rustic old time kitchen with modern appliances and design layout. The breakfast bar stools are so vibrant and it looks nothing else but modern, which is a little bit far from rustic. The addition of the grey concrete solves everything. The grey shade is consistent to the rest of the kitchen. Being sleek in shape, the concrete bridges the style of the modern stools and rustic old looking kitchen.

There is no doubt, concrete makes an excellent option when it comes to kitchen countertop. It simply fits to all styles and it is fully functional not to mention the long durability. Are you going to use the concrete too?