A Sideboard Inspired by a Boxing Ring


Furniture design has been improving rapidly in this 21st century. Many unique and exceptional designs have been made, trying to invent the special one that can be so versatile, both in the design and in the function. Emmanuel Gonzalez Guzman, a Chilean designer, has contributed a lot in nowadays furniture design. He is the designer and creator of a sideboard which is inspired by a boxing ring. Let’s see how it can be amazing.

  • What Is Behind the Design?

Guzman has made himself worth being reckoned in furniture design world with his minimalist sideboard that was inspired by a boxing ring. The idea behind this design would be an intention to reveal a simple manner but also at the same time creating something entertaining without making problems.

“Besides any electronic device housed inside can be handled easily using a remote control or hands and speaker would not prevent any sound,” he said “using that case to make free or even cover any décor” he added.

  • How It Is Uniquely Constructed

This sideboard comes with a dimension of 120 x 35 x 60h. The materials needed to construct it are high-strength elastic cord and plywood. The high-strength elastic cords along with the lattice are used to allude the gesture and the shutters of a boxing ring. This 8mm rope coming with high resistance also functions as the replacement of the traditional doors that usually cover the front part of a sideboard. Meanwhile, the 18mm plywood is used to construct this Sideboard Cuerda’s boxy design. It is then attached to the wooden pine and turned legs.

  • The Unique Properties

The unique side of this Sideboard Cuerda is the designer’s reason of choosing high resistances rope, making this furniture full of usefulness and intimacy. The high-strength elastic rope was chosen to hold your stuff housed inside the sideboard while at the same time partially and subtly reveal what is being stored there.

The string, as said by Guzman above, is also a perfect choice as the users can still hear sound from any speakers housed inside the sideboard without any interference. It is a great way to store the speaker simply and effectively without problems.  It is really an aesthetically furniture piece that performs great function with minimal overhaul.

This sideboard’s indeed a nice addition to your minimalist-styled roomIt is kind of offering a nice combo of an amazing design and a furniture with functions at once. So, why don’t you get one?