5 Modern Reception Desks Design Inspiration


The reception desk is the first thing that your guests and customers see when they enter your office. Hence, to make a good impression, you must pay attention to how the desk is decorated. Make sure that they reflect your’ company’s quality and culture. Here are some ideas and design inspirations from all around the globe!

A Whole Marble Stone Desk

Why not? If you want your guest, clients, or customers see your company has strong and resilient qualities, this inspiration can be considered and applied. Furthermore, the white and grayish marble looks clean and elegant if you mix it with a golden stripe. What a marvelous impression! A simple decoration such as a pot of succulents will make the desk look fresher.

Simply Modern Desk

This one is unique and unconventional! The long reception desk is painted gray which suits the dark wall and pale wooden floor. There is no decoration, but the unique shape of the desk is able to provide guests with astonishment. Your office will simply look modern. If your company values simplicity and innovation, this might be the best choice for you. You can still put some decoration on the desk if you think they leave too much space.

Stone and Wood in Nature

If you love some natural elements in your company or if your company deals with travel, you may choose this design. Who needs those artificial desk legs if you can use a huge stone? The simple desk actually is only a very thick wooden board. Being decorated with a vase of dried twigs and a wooden chair, you will make your clients enthralled the natural elements in your office. Coupled with the stone wall art, a painting adorning the well-lit walls, your office looks mesmerizing!

No One Loves Waiting

Waiting in lines is tiring. No one likes that, especially if one has to stand while waiting. Your guests will definitely lose their patience before reaching your room. This reception desk, however, can make your guests stay happy. The light brown wooden element signifies your company’s warmth and friendly welcome. Moreover, the long bench which suits the reception desk allows your guests to sit while waiting for their turns.

Wood and Leaf

This one also shows that your company pays a huge attention to nature. Your office will look so cozy and comfortable with the wooden elements adorning the reception desk and walls. The see-through walls signify your company’s openness and transparency. Show that your company aspires to grow by putting some plants near the reception desks.

Whether you like it or not, your reception desk’s appearance is essential to your company success. Remember, the first impression matters. You should make a good impression on your guests, clients, and customers. Show your company’s culture and good-nature by implementing the best design!