4 Inspiring Office Branding Designs


An interesting office branding design is a powerful thing that affects your company’s productivity. Hence, you must choose the design which can inspire your workforce to be creative. Say goodbye to the monotone and boring design. Check some of the inspiring ideas below. Let’s see whether they suit your company’s style and spirit.

Impact HUB Caracas

This company has some unique concepts that it applies to its entire office. You can find the various colorful furnishings being artistically arranged. Furthermore, the company also provide plenty of huddle space for the staff to interact. Hence, they can discuss their tasks together. This strategy is extremely useful to encourage the workforce to develop their creativity. Therefore, the company’s productivity will also increase.


In the entrance space, Ogilvy wants to make sure that their clients and guests see the creativity and effort the staff put into their works. Hence, they put some motivational quotes on the entrance wall to generate engagement and curiosity for those who visit their office. You will find it common to see visitors staring at the wall and read the quotes. The quotes themselves are handwritten by the designers to ensure their details.


This company wants to show and spread the creativity that inspires its staff. By creating a wall which shows two painted fictional traditional office desks with two mannequins, Shifts wants to promote collaborative works as well. Instead of being confined to an isolated cubicle, the company encourages its workforce to form a solid teamwork which will be beneficial for both the company and staff. Afterall, communal space can trigger interaction which will strengthen the work community.

Chaotic Moon Studios

In a studio which deals with murals, creativity is the key. Chaotic Mon Studios wants to induce this spirit and value to all of its staff by putting various murals on the walls. In addition, the company also give many spaces for the staff to interact with each other while they are working or simply taking a break. The transparent walls and open spaces show that the company avoids limiting the workforce’s ideas, inspirations, and imaginations!

Choosing a good office branding design is absolutely necessary. By implementing some of the ideas that we have provided above, you can expect a good result regarding your company’s productivity. You see, creating an inspiring work environment is an essential action to boost your staff’s happiness and thus creativity.