4 Insanely Clever Kitchen Ideas You Hadn’t Thought of Yet


Kitchen is not merely a place for cooking, preparing meals, or having breakfast. You can also express your creativity by redesigning your kitchen by installing some unique appliances. Look at the following insane kitchen ideas to bring your kitchen to the next level!

  • A Drawer Hijacked into Cutting Board

The first brilliant kitchen idea is about how a drawer can be hijacked into cutting board. Even more, the cutting board is also complemented with scrap disposal station. You just need to simply install a wastebasket in the drawer. Then, fit in a convenient chute and butcher board to the top drawer. That’s it! You clean-up activity is now easy peasy.

  • Modern Wine Rack

Be it a large or petite kitchen, why not occupying every inch of the kitchen island? You can work on a DIY Project to build small shelves. These shelves will be the replacement of a cabinet in your kitchen. This shelf or rack can perform two functions: storing wine or other kitchen items or being decorative element for your kitchen interior.

  • Smart Solution for Kitchen Utensils

Do you have big number of utensils in your kitchen? If yes, don’t let them be a mess! With this smart solution you can organize your utensils so that they can be well stored and keep the kitchen tidy. So, get rid of any containers stuffed with spatulas that can clutter your counter. Instead, go find this kind of nifty drawer that makes your utensils at out of sight but still at ready.

  • Faking Your Stainless Steel Kitchen Appliances

Julie Blanner, a well-known blogger, came with an amazing idea about giving her dishwasher makeover. What she did to the makeover was using stainless steel contact paper. This kind of paper can also be used to do a makeover your refrigerator. Now you can have stainless-steel-look-alike kitchen appliances easily!

  • From Boring to Stand-out Fridge

Turn your boring fridge into an eye-catching one! What you need is just vinyl stickers. This kind of sticker is usually used for windows and walls. But, you can also use that sticker to do a fridge makeover. To create a perfect makeover to your fridge, make sure you make multiple version of cutting to fit the fridge perfectly.

So, which idea is your favorite to be installed in your own kitchen? If you think you do not have time or enough budgets to afford certain appliances, there is always a choice named DIY Project. Work that creative mind of yours and make sure your kitchen really fit your needs and lifestyle. Bring your kitchen to the next level!