4 Ideas on Organization and Storage for Small Spaces


Do your décor ideas come with the reality of the small spaces provided in your house? Do you have any no single clue on how to organize storage? If it’s yes and yes, you better take a look at the following ideas on how to make most of small spaces.

  • Slatted Door Kitchen Storage

The first idea is for the limited space provided for your kitchen. To make most of the small space, you can use a door organizer as shown in the picture. It is really a lifesaver for your tiny kitchen as it comes with a drawer only. This door organizer is able to store almost everything you need in your kitchen, such as kitchen towels, knives, spatulas, and take-out-menus. To make this storage more appealing, paint it in a bright splash of sunny color and make the best layout possible.

  • Accessory Wall Made From Cork

If you are female, can you recall how your mourning routine goes? You have to deal with many shelves and or closet to assemble your outfit from your head to toe. What makes the routines somehow complicated is the limited time available in the morning before leaving for office.

Therefore, a smartly designed organizer for your small rooms is really a need. The cork accessory wall as shown in the picture can be a great idea to save some time in the morning, especially when you are in the mood of wearing various jewelry.

  • Stacked Small Bathroom Shelves

Don’t worry if you’ve got so tiny bathroom only that you think you are unable to share a sink with another family member! Work with your creative skill to find the best storage solution without cluttering your sink.

What is needed is a shelf to store your bathroom necessities. Not only is the shelf practical, it is also suitable for the tiny space available in the bathroom.

  • Jar Organizers

Jars are more likely to be household clutter, yet, with this Mason jars organizers, you are now able to store your jars in style. This popular glass vessel will even suit you best when you have to live in a small condo, meaning that your place of living doesn’t have much storage.

Most the ideas on how to make most of the small places in a home come with the idea of always thinking vertical. Your house may be limited in width, but it does have some spaces in height. The materials you need to create organization and ideas are actually simple. The creative is what matters.