4 Elegant Contemporary Kitchen Ideas


While contemporary décor is an amazing style to adopt for modern house kitchen, everyone still wants elegance on it too. It offers clean interior with stylish value to be proud of. Check out the following kitchens. They are the picture of contemporary and elegant mixture in a modern kitchen.

  • Modern and Charismatic

This kitchen is one of the houses in Winfiled, IL. It has everything we like on a modern kitchen. It features clean floor plan with a big island covering the entire center of the kitchen. All kitchen storage and oven stand is set neatly on the far wall, making a fantastic background. Washing area and serving table are separated while the kitchen is facing the outdoor with sliding door. The wooden floor is probably the main factor for its elegance.

  • Simply Creative

This simple kitchen is located in a private loft in Manhattan. Featuring wooden floor, there is no wrong color for the kitchen. The best thing we should highlight will be the island and the lowered down breakfast area which will make an excellent dinner table too. The floral stools are brilliant addition to this consistent kitchen while the pendant lights are gorgeous decoration in the room. Grey finish adds the modern feeling while warm brown shade on it only adds the elegance in an instant.

  • Sleek and Clean

There is nothing wrong with this kitchen, It is perfectly clean and sleek with white dominating the finish. The kitchen is semi-merged to the living area, featuring the same dark ash wooden floor. The island is long enough to over a long breakfast area while the other amenities follow the horizontal pattern. This kitchen is ended up with a small dining area at the end near the windows.

  • Small yet Enchanting

This is a picture of real modern kitchen in a modern space. It features white, natural wood shade, and marble patterns. It is a killing combination for a modern décor. The kitchen alone is particularly small but somehow is spacious too. The marbles is where the elegance lies while simple and clean design of the amenities makes the room a perfect kitchen for modern house. The best accent is added on the island surface where wooden panel makes a vibrant touch on it.

These kitchens make great inspiration if you are into contemporary design with thick elegance on it. They offer you function and effectiveness, while the entire design is totally stylish and nice to look at as well. Really inspirational!