3 Storage Ideas – Flip Down Wall Shelf


Every house needs storage. Not only does it keep our stuff organized, it also helps us keep the stuff last longer. The problem, however, is how tiny the available space is. But, with this flip down wall shelf, you will be able to build your storage no matter how narrow the rooms are.

  • Piano Shelf

Are you a music love that’s planning to construct storage? This piano shelf is thus worth considering! This shelf, designed by Sebastian Errazuriz, employs simple but cunning principle of the structure of a piano. The principle is then applied to bring forth adjustable storage.

As seen in the picture, the Piano Shelf is foldable, meaning that you can fold it flat when you are not using it and that you can still save some space in the room. Yet, when you are storing something, what you need is simply unfolding the certain number of “piano keys” to store your stuff. In addition to the piano alluding, this shelf also comes in black and white colors.

  • Klaffi Foldable Wall Shelves

Here is another foldable wall shelves. Using the built-in pivoting mechanism, Klaffi, how this shelf is called, enables you to remove the shelf once you think you no longer need it. By so, you won’t have a sticking out surface of your wall that may be space consuming in a certain room.

Eeva Lithovius, Klaffi’s designer, constructed this shelf in a form of tall cabinet shelves featuring many folding racks having narrow bodies. The skinny frames of the shelves actually cannot stand on its own, making the rig should be mounted up a wall. However, it becomes an ideal place either in bathroom or hallway.

  • Foldable Shoe Shelves for A Store

Zemberek Design created an originative design for a shoe store by constructing flip down wall shelf to display the shoes. So, instead of using the common shoe shelves found in most of shoe store, the designer prefer to employ pieces of wood whose individual piece can create a shelf once it’s flipped down. One more plus point from this shelf is that it eases the employees’ work in changing the look of the shoe display.

Flip down wall shelf is such an answer to the need of storage in our house. At some times, we don’t really occupy the shelves when we’ve got nothing to store, leaving the shelves empty and barren. As a result, the shelves are just there to make the room more full. They’re indeed useful.